Chalie Boy Says Breakout Single 'I Look Good' Is 'All About Swagger'

'Everything is always about timing,' Texas rapper tells Mixtape Daily about his decade in the business.

Fire Starter: Chalie Boy

So arrogant, but so catchy and lucrative for Chalie Boy: "On my mama, on my 'hood/ I look fly, I look good/ Touch my swagga, wish you could/ I look fly, I look good."

"It's all about style, fashion, swagger. A lot of name-brand clothing, how everybody wanna step out in the club," Chalie said of his song "I Look Good." "It makes you wanna move."

After 10 years of paying his dues on the Texas underground scene, Chalie finally has a record that is moving nationally and getting love in the clubs.

"My engineer came with a track, we were working on a club/radio track," he explained of the song. "So we could start having a push for the main national level. I was spitting ideas out my head. I said, 'I look good.' He said, 'Let's do that.' When we listened to it a couple of times before we put it out, we said, 'It has a shot to compete with all the other songs out there that were more dance-y.' ['I Look Good'] itself is not a dance song, but that's the way the radio is going."

Chalie started pushing his song back in February, when it got picked up in nearby states such as Louisiana and Mississippi; now the track is starting to spread across the U.S.

"It hasn't been a walk in the park," CB said of his decade-long grind. "It's solidifying that I do make good music," he added about having a breakout single. "Those who have been following me for so long ... they can have validation. It's a wonderful feeling. I'm glad they stuck with me this far. Everything is always about timing."

Chalie, who is named after his uncle, grew up splitting time between the Texas towns Herne (where his mom is from) and Calvert (his dad's hometown).

"Country boy," the rapper/singer labels himself. "No shoes on the ground, playing in the hog bin."

Herne and Calvert are just a stone's throw from each other and are located in between Dallas and Houston. Chalie is still recording his next LP, but he just released a new mixtape called I'm Here, hosted by Mister Rogers.

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