Suckers Are Set To Break Out In 2010

The buzzed-about new-wave revivalists get ready to release their full-length debut this spring.

Who: [artist id="2723971"]Suckers[/artist], a quartet of new-wave revivalists from Brooklyn by way of New Haven, Connecticut. Launched by cousins Quinn Walker and Austin Fisher, they began as a ramshackle pair of dudes who used to switch instruments between songs. They finally recruited drummer Brian Aiken and jack-of-all-trades Pan to complete the lineup. The group's self-titled EP created a ton of online buzz last year (especially the oft-blogged tune "It Gets Your Body Movin' "), and their full-length debut (produced by Chris Zane, who also helmed breakouts by Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club) is complete and should be out in the spring.

Sound Like: If the bouncy poly-rhythms of the Talking Heads made sweet, sweet love to Purple Rain-era Prince, with a healthy dose of lo-fi fuzz and DayGlo swirls.

They've Never Done a Rob Thomas Duet: Before the group got together as Suckers, they went through some experimental phases. "I used to have a family band with my dad and my brother when I was growing up," Aiken said. "We used to do cover songs, like 'Smooth' by Santana. It was a family band version of 'Smooth,' with harmonies." Meanwhile, Pan spent time doing louder work. "I played in some death-metal bands in high school," he said.

Material Girls: Though the group sounds refreshingly ragged live, their songs are intricate exercises in harmony and blending, and their interest in production keeps growing with the help of some unlikely sources. "I've really been getting into Madonna," Aiken said. "The production of that and the masterful songwriting has influenced me and my drumming and the energy and direction the songs have taken."

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Plan S: What would the men of Suckers do if they weren't in a band? "I'd sell cotton candy at a carnival, probably," Quinn joked. "Or I'd just be a philanthropist."

Name Game: The album still doesn't have a title, though the group is kicking around a lot of ideas. "It's going to be called Problem Solved., with a period," Quinn said. "It might be called Wild Smile. We haven't settled on anything yet."

But they are attached to one particular phrase: "Blast of Power," Aiken deadpanned. "If we weren't in Suckers, we'd be in Blast of Power."

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