Snoop Dogg, Trey Songz, More Remember Teddy Pendergrass

'It hurt my heart to hear about his passing,' Snoop says.

Celebrities continue to express their love and admiration for the legacy that Teddy Pendergrass left behind — the soul legend died on Wednesday at age 59.

"It hurt my heart to hear about his passing," Snoop Dogg said in an e-mail to MTV News. "I remember when I was young, my momma and her friends went to a concert when I was little. It was all ladies in the audience — he was the only man who could sell out a concert to all ladies.

"I loved his music when he was in Hal Melvin and the Blue Notes and when he went solo," Snoop added. "My favorite song was 'Where Are All My Friends.' That was the coldest song he made."

"Teddy Pendergrass — artists like that to me, I don't even know what they was on," Jermaine Dupri marveled. "I always wish I could be a fly in the studio with them one time. If I could ever take myself back one time to just see what made them make 'Love T.K.O.' — the sound of the records don't even sound like what we make now. Sometimes I sample records and when I'm sitting in the studio, I go between whether I should sample or replay it. The sample of that whole Philadelphia sound and what they was doing and the way his voice was and all that, it was incredible to me. It sounded different from anything else we hear today. Even when you listen to 'Wake Up,' listen to how piercing his voice sounds. You have to really pay attention to what he's talking about.

"I put on my blog last night that we continue to lose the best," JD added. "I hope this generation could follow. It's a hard bunch to follow. Michael Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass — this ain't no easy show to get on. These boys was the best that ever did it."

"Turn off the lights and light a candle," Omarion said in an e-mail, quoting some of Pendergrass' most famous lyrics. "Whenever Teddy said, 'Turn em off!!!' You did! Teddy P. Hall of Fame in my book."

"Teddy, man," Trey Songz said. "From 'Wake up Everybody' to 'Turn Off the Lights,' he made it possible in a lot of ways for guys like me. It's only right we pay our respect to him. My mother might have been conceived to some Teddy. He is the heart and soul of the music I make today. Everybody has to go at some point. It's God's will that he's gone, but we pay our respect and pay our condolences to his family and cherish the moments he did have here."