Leaked 'Avatar' Script Reveals Na'vi Sex, A Dilapidated Earth

Will one or more of these deleted scenes make it in the DVD?

By now, you and a few million of your closest friends all over the world have seen "Avatar." If you're like many people, you might have even seen it multiple times. But all great movies deserve another look — and with a DVD on the way, fans might soon be transported back to Pandora to witness even more eye-popping majesty via some recently unveiled deleted scenes.

Our pals over at JoBlo.com recently posted James Cameron's original, 151-page script for his sci-fi epic, revealing many scenes that had to eventually be cut before "Avatar" hit theaters. Although it's anybody's guess which of these deleted scenes Cameron shot, here are a few key moments that will leave fans drooling while looking forward to a mid-2010 DVD/Blu-Ray release:

Sully's Endangered Life

One of the great things about "Avatar" is that it cuts right to the chase, alluding to character's backstories rather than front-loading the film with origin tales. Some early moments in the script, however, were meant to explore the life of Sully (Sam Worthington) before the events of the film. We know some of these were shot, because they were briefly glimpsed in "Avatar" trailers but didn't make the final cut.

The Na'vi Sex Scene

Cameron shot a scene in which Neytiri and Jake get it on. Although we might never see it, the script offers some tantalizing descriptions of what blue-people sex would be like. "The tendrils intertwine with gentle undulations," one description reads. "They come together into a kiss and sink down on the bed of moss, and ripples of light spread out around them." Is the world ready for 3-D alien fornication? We might have to wait a bit longer to find out.

A Look at Earth

The script has moments that take place on a sad, ecologically depleted Earth, using much of the dialogue that would later be transplanted to non-Earth scenes. One of these scenes involves Sully interacting with the corporate folks who would help engineer the mission; another has a reference to athletes with "antelope legs," which could provide hope for the wheelchair-bound Jake. Also included is a barroom brawl. According to various reports, some of these scenes were, indeed, filmed.

Guns in Schools

In the film, Giovanni Ribisi's Parker Selfridge makes reference to how the humans have attempted to help the Na'vi people. One scene that was meant to illustrate those attempts depicts the dilapidated remains of a school where Na'vi children were taught English via Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" (a parable about environmental awareness, natch); bullet holes throughout the school's ruins imply that things did not end well.

Neytiri's Sister

In the script, Neytiri has a sister named Silwanin who Grace is connected to as well. After Grace fills Jake in on the familial relations, she explains that the sister has died.

A Hairy Situation

What happens when a Na'vi loses his hair plug? "I hear this is worse than death for you, chief," Wainfleet (Matt Gerald) says to Tsu'Tey in one deleted scene that has him cutting off the latter's "queue" near its base. In immense pain and removed from the world consciousness that is his life, Tsu'Tey then begs Sully to "set my spirit free." Although he hesitates at first, Jake eventually draws his knife and takes the life of the Na'vi. The fate of Tsu'Tey isn't much better in the finished film, as he is shot multiple times and falls to his death — but some fans might debate that Cameron's original vision carried greater emotional impact.

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