Wyclef's Sister Says Haiti Needs 'Mobile Morgues'

'The work has just begun in Haiti,' Melky Jean tells MTV News.

[artist id="1162"]Wyclef[/artist] isn't the only one in his family rushing to aid his fellow Haitian countrymen.

The former [artist id="1075"]Fugees[/artist] frontman's sister Melky Jean is also attempting to assist Haiti after the devastation created by Tuesday's earthquake.

In a Skype interview with MTV News, Jean told correspondent Sway Calloway about the horrific firsthand accounts from the island that she's been receiving from associates of her personal foundation. The singer wanted to mobilize her nonprofit organization to uproot from her base in Miami to Haiti. But she was shocked when a friend suggested a mobile morgue would be more useful instead.

"The most profound thing that I've heard — and a lot of people cannot even fathom this — is when I talked to my friend the counsel general, he said, 'Melky, we need mobile morgues,' " an emotional Jean explained. "I asked him what he meant. He said, 'The morgue is full. We don't have anywhere to put these dead bodies. What are we going to do with all these dead bodies and all these families that need to identify their loved ones?' "

According to reports, bodies are beginning to line the streets as rescue workers make their way throughout Port-au-Prince to unearth the deceased from piles of fallen debris.

"The vast majority of downtown Port-au-Prince is a mess of dead bodies, rebar and concrete," is how one CNN reporter described the scene.

Funeral homes are reportedly also overwhelmed, with one account describing a line that reached a half-block long as people waited to bury loved ones.

Jean is still determining her own plans on how she will join her brother in rescue efforts, but urged those that want to volunteer to wait until the properly trained forces can make some headway. Then, she insisted, the additional manpower will be more productive.

Currently the Federal Aviation Administration has temporarily halted flights into Haiti from the U.S. due to saturation at the local airport.

Jean said she hopes to arrive in Haiti sometime within the next week to month.

"The work has just begun in Haiti," she said. "And that's when we're really gonna need people to come together with foundations, world vision and people that are gonna be on the ground long after the cameras leave. That's when we're really gonna need people to come and volunteer."

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