George Clooney And MTV Team Up For Haitian Relief Telethon

Event will take place Friday, January 22.

As the crisis in Haiti continues in the wake of the devastating 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday, MTV and George Clooney have teamed up to present a telethon to rally support and raise money for the embattled country.

On Friday night, January 22, the Oscar-winning actor will appear in a bi-coastal telethon and fundraiser on all MTV Networks channels. All proceeds will go toward relief efforts in Haiti.

A roster of musicians, actors and actresses that will also take part in the benefit will be announced in the coming days.

Before Friday's Clooney-led benefit, there are numerous ways in which you can take part in Haitian relief efforts. MTV has culled together a list of organizations, from the American Red Cross to Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti to UNICEF, that are providing valuable services on the island.

"I cannot stress enough what a human disaster this is, and idle hands will only make this tragedy worse," Jean wrote on his Web site. "We must act now."

From Facebook support groups to the halls of Washington, D.C., the nation has galvanized around the embattled island nation as it experiences the latest in a string of humanitarian crises.

President Obama pledged support for Haiti in a speech on Thursday (January 14).

"In this, your hour of greatest need, America stands with you," President Obama said. "The world stands with you. We know that you are a strong and resilient people. You have endured a history of slavery and struggle, of natural disaster and recovery. And through it all, your spirit has been unbroken and your faith has been unwavering. So today, you must know that help is arriving — much, much more help is on the way."

Head here to learn more about what you can do to help with earthquake-relief efforts in Haiti, and for more information, see THINK mtv.