Nick Jonas Says New Song 'Stay' Could Be Released

'It might be on a bonus edition,' he says of song he wrote after finishing up Who I Am.

Nick Jonas' solo album Who I Am doesn't hit store shelves until February 2, but he's already writing new material and planning what he'd like to include on future editions of the LP. That means that his new song "Stay," which he recently debuted on tour with his band the Administration this month, could possibly end up on future CDs.

"It might be on a bonus edition," he told MTV News during his stop at the Beacon Theater in New York. "I wrote it a little late to add it to the record now, but you never know what could happen."

Jonas said that the song just came to him while he was on the road. " 'Stay' is a song that I wrote that day we had off in Washington," he explained. "It came after some things that I was going through that really inspired it ... and I'm just in a good place right now and was able to get a song out of it, which is always nice."

Before he can think of any bonus edition, Jonas is just gearing up for the album's release. "I'm feeling it ... I'm feeling the vamp-up," he said. "It's exciting. It's just hard to believe it's all happening. I'm thankful to everyone who made it possible ... not so much nervous. I think once we get closer I might be anxious to see what the response is, but so far it's been good and that's encouraging."