Adam Lambert, Diddy Tweet Pleas For Haiti Earthquake Relief

Ben Stiller, Ryan Leslie, Lindsay Lohan and others take to Twitter to help raise funds.

[artist id="1162"]Wyclef Jean[/artist] very quickly put out a plea to seek aid after a 7.0 earthquake devastated his homeland of Haiti. The earthquake struck the impoverished country on Tuesday afternoon, leaving massive destruction in and around the country's capital of Port-au-Prince.

Since then, other celebrities have taken to Twitter to spread Jean's message and to get people to donate to Jean's nonprofit Yele Haiti Foundation and other assistance programs.

"Anyone that may be listening's attention. Call 1884074747 State Dept for Haitian Relief Please help them..... I know I will as much as I can," Lindsay Lohan tweeted. "Yele Haiti now for the disaster. Please do all that you can."

Ben Stiller also tweeted his support, writing, "People in Haiti need our help and attention right now."

[artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert[/artist] did his part to spread the word about UNICEF's campaign to help. "Please, everyone donate even the smallest of what you can," he wrote. "We are so fortunate. Let us give where truly needed."

"Thank you for your donation, of any amount," actress Olivia Wilde tweeted. "They are all crucial. Our colleagues in Haiti are sending you their love."

Ryan Leslie urged followers to donate $5 to Jean's organization by texting "YELE" to 501501 and wrote that the images coming out of Haiti are "heartbreaking." And Diddy tweeted, "God Bless Haiti!!!! God please!!!"

In more traditional media, former President Bill Clinton, a U.N. special envoy for Haiti, said in a statement: "My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti. My U.N. office and the rest of the U.N. system are monitoring the situation, and we are committed to do whatever we can to assist the people of Haiti in their relief, rebuilding and recovery efforts."

Check back with MTV News all day for more information on the relief efforts in Haiti.

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