Justin Bieber, Cory Monteith And Chace Crawford: Three Guys To Watch In 2010

As Pop Week continues, we take a closer look at the dudes who will be on your radar this year.

We already told you about the ladies to watch in 2010, but there are a few dudes you should keep your eye on as well. Whether it's in TV, movies or music (or all three), these guys are ready to make some noise.

Cory Monteith

Age: 27

Hails From: Calgary, Alberta

In 2009: The high school dropout ironically found fame and glory on "Glee," a show about high school. He plays Finn Hudson, the show's hunky football player-turned-glee clubber.

Why He'll Be Huge in 2010: "Glee" returns in April and was just picked up for a second season, which means Monteith will be beaming into your living rooms for a while longer as TV's resident song-and-dance man.

Choice Quote: "I never sang before," he said of his experience before joining the musical TV show. "When I would go out with my friends for karaoke, I'd never sing anything."

Chace Crawford

Age: 24

Hails From: Plano, Texas

In 2009: Crawford continued his TV reign as the adorable Nate Archibald on "Gossip Girl." He also made headlines when he was cast in "Footloose," replacing fellow heartthrob Zac Efron in the role.

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Why He'll Be Huge in 2010: "Gossip Girl" is set to return in March, and the TV stud is about to get edgy alongside 50 Cent in the Joel Schumacher flick "Twelve," in which he'll play an NYC drug dealer to the city's wealthiest kids. He's also looking to be this generation's Kevin Bacon as he dances his way onto the big screen in "Footloose," set to begin filming this year.

Choice Quote: "I'm a clean, sober drug dealer," he said about his role in "Twelve." "It was different. It really turned out well, and it was great working with 50."

Justin Bieber

Age: 15

Hails From: Stratford, Ontario

In 2009: He had every teen girl swooning and Usher and Justin Timberlake in a bidding war, not to mention he gave the Jonas Brothers a run for their money with his songs "One Time" and "One Less Lonely Girl" from My World (Part I).

Why He'll Be Huge in 2010: In March, he's set to release the follow-up to his platinum-selling debut, the aptly titled My World (Part II), and hitting the road for his very own headlining tour. Plus, he will host Pop Con, the pop world's very first convention, in February with Selena Gomez.

Choice Quote: "My fans, I wouldn't be in this position without them," he said about his very devoted fanbase of screaming girls. "They're the ones I do this all for.

It's Pop Week here at MTV News, and that means we're introducing you to or catching up with everyone who's going to make a splash in pop music and culture over the next 12 months. Whether they're just arriving on the scene or are already well established, these are the people we expect big things from in 2010. Stay tuned all week for more!