Wale Reps For His D.C. Hometown In 'Pretty Girls' Video

'It's almost trying to pay homage to that [go-go] era, when I came up,' Wale says on video's set.

Last week in Los Angeles, [artist id="2990927"]Wale[/artist] was rocking his "Free [artist id="1938028"]Gucci Mane[/artist]" T-shirt on the set of his latest video, for "Pretty Girls," in honor of his incarcerated collaborator on the song. The song is the second single from his recent Attention Deficit debut LP.

"Initially for the record, we wanted to show [Washington] D.C.'s music from a sonic standpoint, as well as have some fun," Wale told MTV News. "This was supposed to be my first single; it's actually my second single now. 'Chillin' ' was a global sound, now I wanna give you my regional sound. It's about having fun."

He went on to explain how the song is a nod to the go-go sound that was prevalent in his hometown while he was growing up, perhaps most popularly exemplified by E.U.'s 1988 hit, "Da Butt."

"I brought Gucci on the record because when I was growing up, Master P, Juvenile and a lot of these other Southern artists used to play with the go-go bands. It's almost trying to pay homage to that era, when I came up. Now you can even see Jim Jones or Shawty Lo perform with some of the go-go bands where I'm from. This is my attempt to kinda show you that. I think we did a pretty good job of executing it — we gonna have some fun with pretty women!"

Speaking of which, Wale also talked about his recent sex column in Honey magazine.

"I feel that I matter in another sense other than rap," he said. "I have an album out, I'm in all these magazines and TV, but I took time out to write an article as if I was presenting it for a class. I was like, 'Wow, people really love the article.' My mother always told me I was good with words. A lot of the women actually dug it. I was keeping it funky. I don't do all that lying and all that. I straight-shoot on that. It came out pretty good. I look forward to doing more stuff with Honey mag."