Blink-182 Hit The Studio As New Documentary Trailer Hits The Net

Latest 'Blinkumentary' teaser features Tom DeLonge promising big things from new album.

Ever since they launched their reunion tour last summer, [artist id="783"]Blink-182[/artist] have been trailed by a team of cameras that have captured their every move for an upcoming documentary, called — appropriately enough — "The Blinkumentary."

Now, with the tour complete, it looks like those cameras will continue to roll all the way into the studio to watch Blink record their much-anticipated new album. At least that's what we can gather from a just-released teaser trailer for the film, which hit the Net on Sunday.

In the trailer — largely focused on a clip of an interview with Tom DeLonge — the band is hitting the studio this month to continue the sessions for their new album, and, according to DeLonge, it's shaping up to be the best thing they've ever done in their collective lives (although he does have a bit of a history with hyperbole).

"As sad as it is to end the tour, it's really, really exciting to see what we're going to do next," he says to the camera. "I've always said that this band can do anything, but at this point, if you look at our careers and everything that we ... have done independently and outside of Blink, we did some of the best growing as musicians on the last Blink record and right afterwards. So, no one really knows what to expect from the next Blink record, [but] I don't think anyone thinks it's going to be a straightforward rock record. I think everyone expects it to be the work of our life and probably the most ambitious song writing and art that we've ever made. I think that now we're ready for it."

There's still no release date for either the "Blinkumentary" or the new album. In an e-mail to MTV News, a spokesperson for Handsome Randsome — the production team behind the film — said, "We're still in full production and will be in the studio for the new album recording process." A rep for Blink's label, Interscope, did not respond to MTV News' request for comment about the new album.

Back in November, drummer Travis Barker told MTV News that he intended to feature a brand-new Blink song on his solo record, and that the band planned to "re-group next year ... start getting together once a week, or once every two weeks to start doing the beginning work on our record."