Ke$ha, Lea Michele And Anna Kendrick: Three Ladies To Watch In 2010

We kick off Pop Week with these three women who will dominate radio, television and the big screen in the year to come.

We think that 2010 will be the year these three ladies break through — whether it's on your radio, your television or the big screen, you will be hearing or seeing a lot more from these talented women in the next 12 months. Let us introduce you to Ke$ha, Lea Michele and Anna Kendrick.


Age: 22

Hails From: Los Angeles by way of Nashville

In 2009: Ke$ha collaborated with Diddy on the hit single "Tik Tok" and the duo ruled the airwaves.

Why She'll Be Huge in 2010: Ke$ha's sassy first single, "Tik Tok," made history by racking up the most digital downloads in one week for a female artist. Her debut album, Animal, is poised to hit the top of the charts and she is hitting the road this summer with artists like Sarah McLachlan and her idol, Emmylou Harris, on the recently re-launched Lilith Fair.

Choice Quote: "I think any girl — and hopefully guys too — can relate to the record. I talk about pretty much anything — you name it. ... I think that throughout the album, what I'm really proud of — I think every song you can tell it's me," she said about Animal. "It's all really honest, almost to a fault, and really genuine."

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Lea Michele

Age: 23

Hails From: Bronx, New York

In 2009: When "Glee" debuted on Fox, Michele made everyone want to sing in the choir.

Why She'll Be Huge in 2010: The quirky comedy quickly became everyone's favorite TV show and found its leading lady in Michele, who plays the über-talented and ambitious Rachel Berry. Her ability to both act and belt out show tunes and pop songs has garnered Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for Michele.

Choice Quote: "I feel like I'd be getting to work out at the gym with the best trainer in the world," she said about really wanting to get Adam Lambert on "Glee." "You want to work out with someone who's ripped and is going to train you well. That's what I think about when I think of Adam Lambert. I just think he's awesome."

Anna Kendrick

Age: 24

Hails From: Portland, Maine

In 2009: She supported Bella Swan in the incredibly successful sequel to "Twilight," "New Moon." And she got to live the dream and travel around the country with George Clooney in "Up in the Air."

Why She'll Be Huge in 2010: Well, thanks to her supporting role in "Up in the Air," Kendrick is up for a Golden Globe and has a few people talking Oscar. She'll be seen in the next "Twilight Saga" installment, "Eclipse," and is set to star alongside Michael Cera in the hotly anticipated "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World."

Choice quote: "I want to learn to play pool," she revealed about her life goal. "I don't want to be one of those chicks in a bar that needs her boyfriend to set up a shot for her."

It's Pop Week here at MTV News, and that means we're introducing you to or catching up with everyone who's going to make a splash in pop music and culture over the next 12 months. Whether they're just arriving on the scene or are already well established, these are the people we expect big things from in 2010. Stay tuned all week for more!