Wale Dishes On His New Sex Column: 'I Straight-Shoot On That'

'A lot of the women actually dug it,' he says of his Honey magazine column.

In 2010, there won't be a day when [artist id="2990927"]Wale[/artist] isn't working, he told MTV News. If he's not writing rhymes, he'll be writing his new sex column for Honey magazine.

"I feel that I matter in another sense other than rap," Wale said on the L.A. set of his "Pretty Girls" video. "I have an album out, I'm in all these magazines and TV, but I took time out to write an article as if I was presenting it for a class. I was like, 'Wow, people really love the article.' My mother always told me I was good with words. A lot of the women actually dug it. I was keeping it funky, like 100. I don't do all that lying and all that. I straight-shoot on that. It came out pretty good. I look forward to doing more stuff with Honey mag."

The rapper was asked by a reader to explain the difference between "making love" and "having sex." "The art of making love seems like a pastime, whereas [just having sex] has become this generation's making-out," he wrote. "I think men pursue it a bit more aggressively than women — after clubs, after school, etc. I personally enjoy the occasional quickie but never OD.

"Making love is, simply put, poetry in motion," he continued. " ... Strawberries, champagne, a bubble bath, eye contact, hearing her heart beat while slowly handling business. Making love, in my opinion, is what makes the world go 'round. The toughest dude, the most coldhearted gold-digger, they all have that thing."

"To be politically correct, I was trying to differentiate love from lust," Wale said about the column. "That's what I did. I went into extreme detail about it. That's what rappers do; we do a lot of things in detail. We schooled a couple [people] there."

Wale's columnist duties aren't keeping him from his rhymes. He wants to re-establish himself as an MC.

"I'mma show 'em now," he promised. "I'mma show them that I feel I'm the best, as you should. If you a writer, reporter, model, you should feel you the best. I took a different approach [with Attention Deficit. I wrote over a bunch of kinda go-go beats. Loop beats. I'mma show 'em. D.C.'s here. We not going nowhere."

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