Melanie Fiona Looks Forward To 'Empowering' Tour With Alicia Keys

'I feel like us collaborating on a tour is going to be really strong,' the Grammy-nominated newcomer says.

For a lot of musicians, performing in front of a packed Apollo Theater crowd is a dream come true. Newcomer [artist id="3139042"]Melanie Fiona[/artist] was able to scratch one more dream off her list after performing there with Alicia Keys on Thursday night.

"I've admired Alicia Keys since before I got into the music industry, just everything she represents as a female artist," said Fiona, who is gearing up to tour North America with her role model. "I feel like us collaborating on a tour is going to be really strong, really empowering and what a great show, so I'm really excited."

The songstress has ridden the success of her single "It Kills Me" to #1 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, a Grammy nomination and now Keys' Freedom Tour this spring, which will make stops around the U.S. and Fiona's native Canada.

Fiona said her achievements thus far have left her overwhelmed. "Forever, I get to say, 'I was a Grammy-nominated artist, and I had a #1 record with Billboard for two weeks,' " she marveled.

"It's a dream come true," Fiona continued. "You hope that you could get to a point as a new artist where you feel like you are with the people you've admired for so long, and you're fitting in with a certain realm or caliber of artist that you admire. I definitely admired Alicia Keys, what she represented as a woman, as an artist and just through her music that has been so successful. I'm now going to be on tour with her, exposed to her audience. The least I could say is, it's a dream come true."