Is Lil Wayne's Rebirth Album Really Coming Out Next Month?

Confusion clouds release date for Wayne's album.

By now, you may have given up trying to follow the bouncing ball that is [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist]'s Rebirth album. The disc has had more than a half dozen release dates

and while the latest, February 2, seemed pretty solid, it remains unclear if that is just the latest placeholder until the next one rolls around.

A report earlier this week claimed that the disc had been pushed once again to June 22, based on an alleged post on Walmart's Web site announcing the new date that was quickly taken down, if it had ever been posted at all. But a spokesperson for Wayne's label, Cash Money Records, told MTV News, "Wayne's album is still on schedule for Feb 2nd." A spokesperson for Cash Money distributor Universal Records, however, has not responded to repeated requests for confirmation on the release date of the album.

If the February release holds, the rock-inspired Rebirth will hit shelves just a week before Wayne reports for his one-year sentence on gun charges.

It's also unknown if the version of Rebirth due out next month will be the same as the one that was accidentally shipped last month to 500 customers who had pre-ordered the album (based on its early December release). The disc has since leaked in its entirety online, leading to speculation that Cash Money will rework the official version before it hits stores: Young Money President Mack Maine tweeted last month that "leaked 09 Rebirth isn't going to be 2010 Rebirth." The album's track list has apparently changed, perhaps considerably, since Wayne told MTV News back in June that it was ready to go.

In the meantime, Wayne continues to push ahead with Rebirth's promotion, premiering the over-the-top video for the album's "On Fire" on MTV earlier this week.