Nick Jonas Discusses Jay Leno, Sibling Rivalry On 'Regis And Kelly'

The 17-year-old singer guest-hosted the talk show in place of Regis Philbin.

Zach Braff and Marion Cotillard were the guests on "Live With Regis and Kelly" on Friday morning (January 8), but it was Regis Philbin's replacement for the day, [artist id="2088128"]Nick Jonas[/artist], who made the audience scream. Jonas, decked out in a suit, looked loose and comfortable in the host's seat and even cracked a joke or two as he helped out Kelly Ripa.

"I am Regis," Jonas laughed as he sat down. He then treated the audience to anecdotes and endured the embarrassment of Ripa sharing with the audience of teenage fans a baby picture of Jonas and older brothers Kevin and Joe all dressed in sailor uniforms.

Ripa said that she had hoped to bring her daughter to the show to hang with Jonas, but sent her to school instead, since a snow day hadn't been called. This inspired the 17-year-old to reveal his ritual for ensuring a snow day. "Rituals? PJs inside out," he said. "I do it even in the summertime. I think it's an East Coast thing. I've been doing it forever."

Jonas, who is in New York playing shows at the Beacon Theater this week with his band, the Administration, dished a bit about Kevin's December wedding. Despite a blizzard, he said the wedding couldn't have gone more smoothly and that Kevin cried a little when he saw Danielle walking down the aisle.

Nick said he had originally written a song for Kevin and Danielle, but he decided to go the more traditional route and wrote a best man speech instead. Joe's speech referenced the time he hit on Danielle before Kevin. When Ripa asked Nick if he too had made a move on his new sister-in-law, he chuckled, "No, no."

Jonas even weighed in on the rumored shuffle of Jay Leno's late-night show. "What about Conan [O'Brien]?" he asked, before recalling the time Leno yelled at the band from atop a roof. "We were on the '[Jay Leno] Show,' and we were in this hacky sack phase. We have this joke now [where we call him] Old Man Leno."

Finally, Nick shared that he and his brothers probably wouldn't ever get into a fistfight, but if they did are two men who could easily break them up. "I don't think it would come to blows," he explained. "[Our dad would break it up] or [JoBros bodyguard] Big Rob."