Cobra Starship Hope For World Domination, 'Mad Men' Cameo In 2010

'This year we're taking Cobra worldwide,' Gabe Saporta says.

Last year was definitely good to the guys (and gal) in [artist id="2402281"]Cobra Starship[/artist]. In 2009, they launched the deceptively brilliant "Cobra Cam" Web series, debuted in the top five with their Hot Mess album and scored a massive hit with "Good Girls Go Bad," a collaboration with "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester.

So how do they plan on following up the past 12 months? By taking their party-hearty message global — and then hitting the States with a mysterious co-headlining tour.

"This year we're taking Cobra worldwide," CS main man Gabe Saporta told MTV News on the People's Choice Awards red carpet. "We're going to a bunch of places we haven't been yet ... then in April we're doing a co-headlining tour with our boys — we can't announce who it is yet — but it's going to be an amazing tour. Anyone who's a fan of Cobra is definitely a fan of these dudes. It's gonna be awesome."

They're also setting their sights on something smaller: TV screens, with hopes of a cameo on the fourth season of AMC's angsty "Mad Men." It's a move that would require them to tone down the DayGlo (not to mention travel back in time), but they're willing to do it if necessary.

"I would love to be one of those lounge bands on 'Mad Men.' It takes place in the early '60s, [and we wouldn't be able to play] a cool song, because all those guys are uptight," Saporta said. "Then again, there's all those hippies from downtown. Maybe we could be hippies and get into a fight with Don Draper and he could beat us up."

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