Anna Kendrick On Working With George Clooney, Robert Pattinson In Same Year

Actress tells Ellen DeGeneres how the Hollywood hunks poked fun at each other through her.

Anna Kendrick is one lucky gal. Not only has she received critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination for her work in "Up in the Air," she also had the distinct pleasure of working with two of the hottest guys on the face of the planet: George Clooney and Robert Pattinson. And if you think there might be some kind of "who's hotter" feud between Clooney and Pattinson, think again. The two guys actually have quite a good sense of humor about sharing heartthrob status, even if they like to rib each other about it.

"Yeah, George gave me such a hard time about shooting 'Twilight.' Whenever I came back, it was like, 'Oh sorry, this isn't the "Twilight" set,' " Kendrick told Ellen DeGeneres when she stopped by her talk show in an episode that will air on Friday. " 'You're not working with Mr. Handsome.' He called Rob 'Mr. Handsome.' "

The actress explained that while shooting "Twilight" and "Up in the Air" at the same time last year, the guys communicated with one another through her. But it seems Clooney, who's well known for his pranks and sense of humor, got the last laugh.

"One of the times I went up to Vancouver, I got Rob, who was that month on the cover of GQ ... I got Rob to sign a copy of GQ, 'To George, Best of Luck. Hang in there. Love Rob,' " she told DeGeneres. "I gave it to George and George signed his Esquire back to him, 'Dear Rob, Thanks for all the inspiration. I'm a huge fan. Love, George, two-time 'Sexiest Man Alive.' "

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