Tila Tequila Called Police As Nicky Hilton Retrieved Casey Johnson's Dogs

Reality-TV star says she thinks her fiancee's friend will put the dogs to sleep.

Los Angeles police officers were called to Tila Tequila's house on Wednesday to mediate her dispute with heiress Nicky Hilton over the fate of Casey Johnson's dogs. According to RadarOnline, Tequila — who was engaged to Johnson — burst into tears as Hilton and actress Bijou Phillips came to collect the dogs and a number of Johnson's possessions on behalf of her family.

Johnson, 30, was found dead in her Los Angeles home on Monday. Though no foul play is suspected, the coroner's office has ordered further toxicology tests to determine was the cause of Johnson & Johnson heiress' death.

"They just want to put the dog out to sleep," Tequila cries in a video taken by paparazzi as Hilton and Phillips load a car with Johnson's belongings. The reality-TV star said she believed Casey's friends would put her elderly dog, Zoey, to sleep and bury it with her. A Johnson family spokesperson reportedly promised that they would not put the dogs down, though an unnamed source close to Hilton told Radar that the plan was indeed to bury Johnson with the dog, who is in poor health. Hilton has been friends with Johnson since childhood and was reportedly the godmother of Johnson's adopted 3-year-old daughter, Ava-Monroe.

TMZ reported that Tequila called 911 on Hilton and Phillips, accusing them of breaking into her house, but when police arrived, the women calmly entered the home and removed a number of items, which E! Online said included a rack of clothing with fur coats and a Christmas blanket, bathroom products and packages of insulin for the diabetic Johnson.

Remembering Casey Johnson

TMZ also reported that despite her wealth, at her death Johnson, who struggled with drug and alcohol issues, owed $106,000 to Porsche Financial Services for a leased Porsche Cayenne Turbo S that she reportedly hid in a garage to avoid having repossessed. According to the site, she lost possession of the car last month. She also faced further money problems due to a lawsuit brought against her for breach of contract from the nanny placement company Elizabeth Rose Agency, which she allegedly owed more than $20,000.

While Tequila has been publicly mourning the loss of Johnson via Twitter, one of the heiress' former girlfriends, Courtenay Semel, has taken the same route to express her grief. On Wednesday, Semel, who allegedly set Johnson's hair on fire during a vicious fight last year, tweeted, "LOVE U CJ FOREVER AND EVER...C U in my dreams X CJS."