Usher Song 'Fooling Around' Leaks, Producer Jermaine Dupri 'Down About It'

'I don't condone leaking records,' Dupri says on his Web site.

[artist id="1270"]Usher[/artist] sings about a man who cheats on his spouse in the song "Fooling Around," a record apparently meant for his upcoming LP Raymond vs. Raymond — and producer Jermaine Dupri is not happy about the track leaking.

"Some kinda way my Usher record 'Fooling Around' got leaked," Dupri fumed via his Web site. Writing in all caps, the legendary producer vented about the song hitting way too early and without his consent. "If you follow me on Twitter you know I don't condone leaking records. So basically I been down about it all night ..."

Dupri did say that the one positive about the record hitting the Internet is that he's heard nothing but good things about the tune, on which he collaborated with songwriter/producer Bryan-Michael Cox.

"I think Usher is in a place where he really wants to express what's going on in his life, as any artist would," Cox told MTV News last October about his work on the album and how it relates to his divorce from Tameka Foster-Raymond. "All the greats did it. Marvin Gaye did Here, My Dear. All the greats express where they are personally. [Usher's] last album was that too. I think [the new album] is where we are going to see Usher as an artist. I'm very curious to hear what the rest of the album is going to sound like. Our records are definitely in that lane of touching on what's going on in his life, so we are going to see what's going to happen. I'm very excited about the album. I think he has a lot to say."

On "Fooling Around," Usher sings over a very simple, stripped-down track of piano and drums, where he once again confesses to a significant other that he's been unfaithful.

"I vowed to never do this again, but it seems to be the only thing I'm good at," he sings, bringing back memories of his "Confessions" saga. Later in the song he continues to apologize.

"I know you never knew when you said, 'I do,' that you would have to face all the pain you feel," he adds, leading to the hook. "It's killing me girl, that you have to live with this/ Live with the lies I tell, live with the pain you feel/ Knowing the man you love is foolin' around/ It's killing me girl/ I just don't understand why you wanna be with this kind of man/ Why would you love a fool?/ With all the things I do, I know it's hard for you ..."

Several songs from the Raymond vs. Raymond recording sessions have leaked over the past few months, including "Papers" and "Daddy's Home." One of the leaks, the Polow Da Don-produced "Little Freak" featuring Nicki Minaj, definitely has raised some eyebrows with its allusions to group sex.

"Usher's in that same vibe he was in when he was 23, 24 years old — with more knowledge," Polow Da Don told us late last year. "We're out kicking it, having fun ... bringing that energy back to the game, where you just see stars messing with other stars, making it exciting for the people. That's really where he's at. He's like, 'C'mon, Polow.' He'll hit me up like, 'What are you doing? Let's go out and kick it.' "