Adam Lambert FCC Complaints Made Public

Web site claims to have obtained complaints lodged by viewers in wake of controversial American Music Awards performance.

[artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert[/artist] has long moved on from the brouhaha kicked up by his controversial American Music Awards performance in November, but a Web site called has thrown some fresh fuel on the fire by posting what it says are some of the consumer complaints lodged with the Federal Communications Commission over the incident.

The site's webmaster claims that the complaints were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. Although Lambert said he felt he had nothing to apologize for after the man-kissing, fellatio-simulating routine, some of the alleged complainants clearly begged to differ.

One, described as a senior pastor, pledged to lead a boycott of the ABC network over the issue, writing, "My family and I were extremely offended by the 'musical act' of Adam Lambert. ... The imitation of oral sex with men and women during the performance was obscene, disgusting and uncalled for."

A parent described watching the show with children aged 11, 13 and 16, saying that the youngest was sent to bed because he was so disturbed by the act, while the oldest was "disgusted" by what he saw. "This was not tasteful watching another man go down on him, [making] out with a person who was either a man or a woman, touching the [crotch]," the person wrote. "I cannot believe that they are not going to be fined for this behavior. ... I cannot believe that this was on national television. ... Where did the television standards go? ... Please make this stop and go back to better family standards."

One person, referring to the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, said Lambert's performance made the "Janet Jackson wardrobe incident trivial," claiming that it "promoted excessive sexuality with a touch of S&M." Another, who claimed to be a fan of Lambert's, called it "indecent" and said the simulated oral sex was an "outrageous" burlesque-style act that was better suited for a Las Vegas stage show. Then there was the letter that simply said, "The Adam Lambert performance was extremely disgusting and inappropriate."

One disgruntled viewer, who felt "assaulted," claimed to be proud to "join the ranks of the millions who are filing complaints against ABC." (In fact, roughly 1,500 viewer complaints were reportedly lodged in the wake of the show.) Another complainant called the performance "porno with clothes on," while another referred to it as "a lewd bisexual performance" and requested confirmation that the "level of acceptable content on television has not been lowered to include the perverse actions of immoral individuals."

A spokesperson for the FCC could not be reached for comment at press time to confirm the legitimacy of the alleged complaints.