Casey Johnson Autopsy Rules Out Foul Play

'Anatomical findings show no evidence of trauma to the body,' an L.A. County Coroner's Office rep tells MTV News.

LOS ANGELES — One day after her body was discovered, marking a shocking end to the life of Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, the 30-year-old socialite underwent an autopsy on Tuesday (January 5). Although the cause of Johnson's death remains in doubt, a spokesman for the L.A. County Coroner's Office confirmed to MTV News that foul play has been ruled out.

"It's on a security hold," Captain John Kades told us late Tuesday afternoon. "The cause of death is deferred until we get lab results and test results back, so we anticipate six to eight weeks before that is rendered. Any other details about the condition of the remains, or the residence or anything like that, we're not releasing that right now."

Kades did, however, explain that early findings have ruled out any sort of foul play. "That I can confirm," he said. "We did complete the autopsy and the anatomical findings show no evidence of trauma to the body."

Barely 24 hours after the news broke, Johnson's friends and acquaintances — including Tila Tequila, who she was planning to marry — continue to publicly mourn. A fixture of the Los Angeles party scene, it is believed that she had been dead for some time before her body was found.

Currently, TMZ is reporting that Johnson suffered from diabetes and that insulin syringes were found in her home. Asked about such details, the spokesman insisted that his office would not be addressing theories on her death or what may have been found in her residence.

"We're not giving out any details on the case," he explained. "Like I said, it's on security hold; the official word from the Coroner's Office is that we completed the autopsy today, there's no evidence of trauma to the body, and the cause of death is deferred until lab results and test results come back."