Timbaland Wants An End To Gossip About Himself, Tiger Woods

Producer wishes online rumors about a beef with Jay-Z would stop.

Vanity Fair's new cover boy Eldrick "Tiger" Woods, Major League Baseball World Champion Alex Rodriguez and [artist id="503162"]Timbaland[/artist]. The last guy on that list says all three famous dudes have at least one thing in common: They've been the subject of frequent gossip on the Internet and tabloids. While the aforementioned jocks have seen their love lives become fodder for the rumor mill, the super-producer is angry about the the chatter that his friendship with Jay-Z is in peril following the leak of songs they worked on together.

"The world needs to check themselves," Timbaland told MTV News. "Leave them people alone. Leave me alone. I don't have beef with nobody. I have real friendships, and real friendships are meant to not always be on the right page, if you are real friends with somebody. OK, America? Don't get in my personal life. I have too much money, I will find you. ... Leave me alone. If you don't know about Tim Mosley, don't talk about Tim Mosely. All them Facebooks, Twitter, whatever, whatever, don't be talking. All that talking behind people's back ... I'm a grown man. I ain't got time for all that you say, she say. C'mon, man. Stay outta people's business and just love music."

Tim said he feels Woods' pain and thinks whoever the world's best golfer is sleeping with shouldn't be anyone's concern except him his wife's.

"Stay out of that man's business," Tim said. "That's his personal business. You don't know if his wife don't make him happy. You don't know what's going on with that man. She could be trying to stab him at night. But do you know that? All y'all see is that he is a black man, he's a top celebrity. To me, it's political and it's prejudice in the game. ... Same thing they did with A-Rod. Just wanna ride people out. It's ridiculous man. Leave stuff alone. Don't have a [public] debate like, 'Should she leave?' or, 'Should he leave?' You're forgetting they have kids. You don't get involved with people who have kids, regardless of what she done or what he done."

Timbaland, who released his Shock Value II on December 8 also wants fans to log off of their computers and enjoy a physical copy of his album.

"Get back to enjoying the music," he said. "Get off of the Internet and enjoy the music. Ride in your car, run on your treadmill, put Walkmans on, not always your iPod. Realize what you are blessed with. ... Get back to appreciation."