Drake Says Thank Me Later Only Includes Collabos That ‘Make Sense’

'If I get people's verses back and they don't coincide with the vision I have, I'll do the whole album by myself,' he tells MTV News.

[artist id=”2545682″]Drake[/artist] won’t jump on just anybody’s song for a guest appearance, and he also won’t accept just anybody’s verses for his upcoming debut, Thank Me Later. The 23-year-old MC said his collaborators have to fit into his musical plan.

“I really don’t bank on collaborations unless it makes sense,” Drake said recently in Toronto. “If I get people’s verses back and they don’t coincide with the vision I have, I’ll do the whole album by myself. I’m not really worried about the special guests. It’s about linking to me and my story. There’s people that just add to my story.”

One of those people is Jay-Z. As we’ve previously reported, the Jiggaman laid down bars for the Thank Me Later track “Light Up.”

“When I heard that beat, the drums that they had come up with, it was like, ’Man, this is a moment,’ ” he said. ” ’This sounds like where I’m at in my life.’ So, we took it, and [producer Noah “40” Shebib] did what he does to pieces of music that I see potential in — he took it to the next spot. Jay-Z’s on it. The song is phenomenal. It’s done now.

“So far I’ve done a couple songs where the individuals have been willing to come into my world,” Drake added. “I’m not making the song with the purpose of carefully placing them, like, ’This record serves this purpose, so you can dance in the clubs.’ It’s about continuing with the vibe that I have and being honest.”

Luckily, Drake’s vision has resonated with hip-hop fans.

“I love the fact that I can tell my story and people enjoy it,” he said. “And it’s catchy. That makes me feel good. The fact I have to perform these songs over again, the fact that they have integrity, I never tire of them.”

Thank Me Later has a tentative March release date.