All-American Rejects Break Up, Make Up On Twitter

Bandmembers tweet that they're leaving, then say they've made up just minutes after ringing in 2010.

How did you spend the holidays? Well, if you were [artist id="1231961"]All-American Rejects[/artist] frontman Tyson Ritter, you feuded with your longtime bandmate (and songwriting partner) Nick Wheeler, created a wave of breakup panic that shook your fanbase to the core, then assuaged all those fears with a sloppy New Year's Eve snog.

And you did all of this via Twitter.

It all started on December 22, when Ritter tweeted that he had "just walked out on dinner" with Wheeler — with whom he started AAR way back in 1999 — and that he was "over this sh--."

No reason was given, but the same sentiment was echoed by Wheeler, who took to his Twitter account soon after, to write that he was "Fed up with Ty and his B.S." and was apparently leaving the Rejects "forever."

Neither Ritter nor Wheeler addressed the matter in any of their subsequent tweets, but their little spat quickly became the subject of much consternation on AAR's fan forums, and started to make the rounds on various news sites, leading to reports that the band was calling it quits.

The speculation persisted for about a week, until — just minutes after ringing in 2010 — Ritter put the break-up rumors to rest, Tweeting a photo of himself and Wheeler sharing a New Year's smooch (party hats and all), with the caption "Nick and I made up. I mean made out."

So it appears that all's well in AAR-land. What's not so clear is whether Ritter and Wheeler actually had a legitimate falling out, or if they were both just pulling a prank on the band's fans. At press time, MTV News' requests for comment had not been returned by the band's label, and our attempts to contact Ritter via e-mail proved unsuccessful. Although, according to his Twitter, he is currently moving from Florida to Los Angeles.