Kanye West Says He's Back In The Studio

Rapper blogs that he's inspired by poets to 'find truth and sincerity in a world of processed information.'

After receding from the spotlight for the last few months following his panned bum rush of Taylor Swift at the VMAs in September, [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] kicked off 2010 in his classic fashion, with an all-caps blog post boasting about his upcoming return to musical greatness.

"First of all, I want to thank everybody for their constant love and support over these past six years!" West wrote on his blog on Monday morning (January 4). "I'm so happy to be back in the studio making new music. I will bring you the best I have to offer with the same dedication that Kobe [Bryant] has on the court."

In his inimitable fashion, West then went on to boast about how, unlike his peers, he's just getting better as his career progresses by following the path laid out by some of the greatest black poets and singers of the last century. "It's funny how so many rappers get worse as their careers stretch out but true poets get better," he wrote. "We will follow in the footsteps of Maya Angelou, [Gil Scott-Heron] and Nina Simone. Their work improved with time. They documented what was happening in culture. That is our responsibility as the modern day artists and poets, to accurately represent what is happening now, so when the powers that be try to rewrite history, you can always look at our works and find truth and sincerity in a world of processed information."

Taking on a preacher's tone, West took a swing at anyone who would stand in the way of his attempts to uncover the truth. "Let us soak in positive forces and look down upon those who masquerade as truth tellers and objective fact givers when in reality, everything that is projected has an agenda of brainwashing us, the 'consumer,' the public, to believe what they want us to," he wrote. "Let us look past headlines and deal with just a bit of reality in this new decade. We have our own outlets now. We don't have to believe everything anymore. Now I'll figure out a way to make that rhyme. LOL!!!"

Seemingly chastened by the negative reaction to the Swift incident, West went into lockdown mode over the past few months, scotching a planned joint tour with Lady Gaga, avoiding big media events and curtailing his normally regular blog posts.

Kanye's History Of Outbursts

He apparently spent much of that downtime overseas. According to The New York Times, West jumped onstage with protégé Kid Cudi at a show in Los Angeles just before Christmas and announced to the crowd, "This is my first time back in America for the past, like, three, four months. ... I love the game so much, and I'm so passionate about it that I just can't take [the stress]."

That admission was followed by a few new unreleased verses, in which the budding designer admitted, "I'm so anxious, I'm getting anxiety/ Begging one of these ... fashion houses to hire me ... / I said, if you acquire me I could be a quiet me/ Call it verbal dieting/ Give me your herbal chai tea ... / I'll be calm."

West's label did not return requests at press time for information on the release date of his next album, the follow-up to 2008's 808s & Heartbreak.