Lady Gaga Wants 'New Sonic Energy And Lyrical Style' On Next Album

'I've evolved, but artists should evolve,' she offers.

The Lady Gaga of today isn't the same Lady Gaga who released "Just Dance" off her album The Fame in 2008. This Lady Gaga promises that when she releases her next LP, the follow-up to her recent release The Fame Monster, it will be completely different than what her fans are used to.

"Well, I'm going to write new music ... that's the beauty of writing your own music — you don't have to rely on songwriters and producers to write hit songs for you," she told MTV News. "So I'm going to write a new album and I'm going to have new ideas."

Gaga, who is currently on her Monster Ball Tour, thinks the trek could inspire her new album just like the last one did. "Most certainly I have no f---ing clue what they're going to be yet, because I'm just starting this tour, and I wrote The Fame Monster during the last tour, so ... I assume that it will inspire some kind of new sonic energy and lyrical style," she explained.

"I find The Fame Monster to be completely different than The Fame," she added. "I've evolved, but artists should evolve. In the '70s and the '60s, artists evolved all the time — from album to album the music was changing, the feeling was changing, the artists seemed almost entirely different than who they were five or six years before."

Gaga's producer RedOne recently spoke to MTV News, teasing about what the duo have in store for the next album. "I don't want to say, because you always want to shock people," he said. "And you don't want to let people know, so that when they hear it, [they go], 'Oh my God.' "