'Sherlock Holmes' Stars Robert Downey Jr. And Jude Law On Bromance And Sequel Talk

'These two characters are very much two parts of the same piece,' Law says of Holmes and Watson.

When MTV News was invited in February to the New York set of "Sherlock Holmes," we witnessed the blossoming of a relationship more than 120 years in the making: the kindhearted bromance between [movieperson id="17609"]Robert Downey Jr.[/movieperson]'s Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick in crime-solving, [movieperson id="196345"]Jude Law[/movieperson]'s Dr. Watson.

Ten months later, on Christmas Day in fact, their adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic detective tales is set to arrive in theaters. And the affectionate rapport — and the drama — between these two 19th-century sleuths is very much at the center of the picture. Sure, a vixen named Irene (Rachel McAdams) shows up from time to time, as does snaggle-tooth baddie Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong), but the alternately bickering and bonding Holmes and Watson are what drives "Sherlock."

In a recent conversation, Downey and Law discussed their on- and off-screen relationship, rumors that Brad Pitt might play the villain Moriarty in a "Sherlock" sequel, and just what these stars would like to see if another film is made.

MTV: Sherlock, Dr. Watson, a pleasure. When I saw you guys on set, it was clear there was a love affair. Irene's lovely and all, but this is about you two gentlemen. Who's the girl in the relationship?

Jude Law: Whoa! Straight to the point!

Robert Downey Jr.: It is right out of the books. It is completely about their relationship.

MTV: You didn't answer the question.

Downey: But then that's labeling us. Who's the top, who's the bottom. We don't play it like that.

Law: The great thing about this partnership and about the heart of the film, as Robert said, is these two characters are very much two parts of the same piece. They pick each other up where the other falls, as indeed any schizophrenic will tell you, that can drive oneself mad. And me too.

MTV: In terms of you guys personally, do you approach work, life, relationships in a similar way?

Downey: I think that one plus one equals three. For instance, there were days when I would be exhausted and Jude would lead the charge and we'd try to infuse it with a bit of fun. Other times he'd be rehearsing "Hamlet" [for a run on Broadway] and we'd been off shooting other stuff, and he'd come in and say, "Where's the rhythm at now?" and we were always picking up each other's slack and driving each other to become this third thing, which is Holmes and Watson.

MTV: There was all this talk during filming and since about Moriarty. Have you ever talked to Brad Pitt about this? What's up with that rumor?

Downey: We're not the casting directors and he's kept purposely out of the narrative in the story and, should we be fortunate enough to go forward again, then we'll probably make casting announcements and that stuff.

MTV: I know a script for a sequel is being written. Have you guys weighed in with what you want to see?

Downey: Have we yet?

Law: I haven't.

Downey: Wait till he does. He's got great ideas.

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