What's Next For 'Avatar' Star Sam Worthington?

Australian actor has 'Clash of the Titans' remake, comic book adaptation and possible 'Avatar' sequel in his future.

Now that "Avatar" star [movieperson id="13256"]Sam Worthington[/movieperson] has returned from the distant star system in which the planet Pandora resides, bringing back with him a $77 million opening weekend for the sci-fi action flick, where will the Australian actor go from here? What will 2010 and beyond look like for one of the year's breakout stars?

"Clash of the Titans"

After the holidays, Worthington will head back to Britain for reshoots on this remake of the low-tech 1981 flick based on the Greek legend of Perseus. MTV News got a first look at the production when we visited the set this past summer. There, the actor promised us the film would take the original's action sequences and "raise the Richter scale to 11." Early trailers, teeming with sword battles, explosions and a giant scorpion, seem to confirm that promise. The film is set for release in March of next year.

"The Tourist"

After sharing the screen with Zoe Saldana in "Avatar," Worthington will step in front of the camera with Angelina Jolie. His role was originally slated to go to Tom Cruise, while Jolie's part was to be occupied by Charlize Theron. A remake of a 2005 French thriller, "Tourist" will see Jolie play an Interpol agent who pulls an innocent American tourist played by Worthington into a plot to nab a criminal. Production has been tentatively set to ramp up in early 2010.

"Last Days of American Crime"

In November, Worthington signed on to produce and star in this adaptation of a comic book miniseries. The actor will play Kevin Cash, a dodgy lunatic roped into some wild criminal activity. The project is still in its infancy, but "American Crime" creator Rick Remender knows Worthington is the right man for the job. "He's a scene-stealer, made up in equal parts charm and intelligence," Remender said. "Seeing him play violent sociopath safecracker Kevin Cash will be a treat all the world will enjoy."

The "Avatar" sequel

At some point down the road, Worthington will return to Pandora. Director James Cameron insists he'll direct another film before swinging back around to "Avatar" territory. No script has been written, but Worthington has some pretty funny ideas about how to pick up the love story between his character Jake and his alien love interest Neytiri (Saldana).

"I've said to Jim, 'I want Jake to be fat and up in the new home tree, kicking it back, couple of kids coming around — typical family — telling Neytiri to go get me a beer,' " he laughed during a recent interview. "Neytiri then shoots me with an arrow!"

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