'Avatar' Wins Over Ben Stiller, Rainn Wilson, Other Famous Fans

John Mayer, Simon Pegg, Audrina Patridge all tweeted about the film last week.

"Avatar" won fans over at the box office this weekend, and filmgoers at its midnight screening raved to MTV News last week about the long-awaited sci-fi flick. And before the movie even came out, celebrities who had screened the James Cameron film early were singing its praises.

Ben Stiller, who has no new projects to promote at the moment, seemed to have booked a "Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien" appearance for the sole purpose of sharing his excitement for the epic. "Oh, I'm here to talk about 'Avatar.' I'm really excited about it, Conan," he said. "It's gonna be ... it's just going to be an amazing movie."

"The Office" star Rainn Wilson hit Twitter several times this weekend to express his bizarre reasons for wanting to see the movie. "I will go see 'Avatar' quite simply because I friggin love the color blue," he wrote. "I am afraid I will die before ever making love with an extra-terrestrial. I wonder if they're going to make a Squeekwel to Avatar."

John Mayer tweeted that perhaps drinking before seeing the "Avatar" wasn't the best idea. "You heard it here, folks: it's possible to be both an intelligent, culturally literate member of society AND walk out on 'Avatar,' " he mused. "What I meant to say about 'Avatar' is, don't go see it if you're buzzed on margaritas the size of a goldfish bowl. I will take a crack at 'Avatar' again, this time with good old-fashioned peyote."

Simon Pegg wrote that he felt the movie would make people look at film differently. "Just left the party. The movie is a game changer," he tweeted. "Still buzzing."

"The Hills" star Audrina Patridge attended the film's premiere and seemed to love it. "Just posted pics from the BLUE carpet at the 'Avatar' premiere last night. ... Check them out," she tweeted. "Movie was amazing!!"

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