'Avatar' Fans Rave About Film After Midnight Screening

'I feel like this is a revolution,' one fan tells MTV News.

"Avatar" opened in midnight screenings early Friday, and fans leaving those screenings generally seemed to agree that the movie was worth the wait, the epic runtime and the massive budget.

One fan raved to MTV News after catching a midnight screening in New York City, saying, "The imagination that James Cameron brought about was well worth the 15 years that he put into it."

Justin admitted that the film really had him captivated from beginning to the very end. "The budget showed. It was really good," he said. "Definitely by the end of the movie you were engaged. So, I think that's the sign of a good movie."

Another fan heralded the movie as the start of a new era in filmmaking. "I feel like this is when movies are going to start changing. I feel like this is a revolution," she said.

Discussing the planet depicted in the film, one fan said, "That's the best part of it. You were on Pandora." Referring to the third dimension's ability to bring Pandora to life, he explains, "You never really leave the whole thing until the movie's over. You're a part of it."

One moviegoer pointed out the intense romance between the film's main characters, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), as another appealing part of the flick. Another fan took it a step further by admitting his love for Neytiri. "Honestly, I think I might be in love. I know it's kind of weird, she's 10 feet tall. ... I'm like 5'5'' right now — I can grow," he joked. "I can grow for her."

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