Rihanna Fans Rave About 'Sexy' 'Hard' Video

'I think she went out on a limb with this one,' says one fan of the clip, which premiered on MTV Thursday.

[artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist]'s new video for "Hard," from her Rated R LP and featuring Young Jeezy, premiered on MTV Thursday (December 17). And MTV News took the video (in a small player) into Times Square to get fans' reactions to the singer's "couture military," as she described it, clip.

"I thought the video was different. It's a different look for her," Ashton Rusto said. "I definitely like the dark style that she's got going on lately."

"I think she went out on a limb with this one," Pete Majastra said. "Maybe got a little sexier. I think she looks beautiful in this video."

Another fan said the clip, which also shows Rihanna looking tough, is an indication of her strength. "It's cool because it shows a lot of where she's going and where she came from, and as far as she's growing up and dealing with a lot of adversities that she's been going through lately." said Michael Phillips.

One fan in particular enjoyed the scene where Rihanna is rolling around in a mudbath.

"Oh, the video is crazy," a man who called himself Big Sha joked. "You know Rihanna is sexy — not sexier than my wife, but you know she's sexy. The video is crazy!"

That's the exact word Rihanna used to describe the video to MTV News when we visited its set.

"Everything is surrounded around the idea of something military. We have tanks, we have troops, we've got helicopters, we've got explosions. We've got lots of cute outfits, lots of bullets. It's crazy!" she said.