Robert Downey Jr. Brawls With A Giant In Exclusive 'Sherlock Holmes' Clip

New sneak peek premiered on MTV's 'Behind the Screen' on Wednesday.

[movie id="341168"]"Sherlock Holmes"[/movie] has a habit of getting into the type of trouble that necessitates acrobatic escape maneuvers. In earlier footage from the Robert Downey Jr.-starring big-screen adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic detective tales, we've already seen the man survive gunfights, fireballs and a headfirst, window-shattering plunge into a river far, far below.

But we have not yet fully seen Holmes contend with something the size and nastiness of what he encounters in an exclusive new clip MTV News debuted Wednesday during our sneak-peek cinema-fest "Behind the Screen." On the run in a London shipyard, Downey's Sherlock is fleeing a very large, very angry Frenchman who would like to end the ace snoop's life by any means necessary, preferably in as painful a manner as possible. Cue the 10-foot-tall wooden poles, a hammer more fit for Thor than a human without superpowers and oversize iron chains heavy enough to squash a skull like an overripe melon.

And it's those chains, strategically tossed at Sherlock's legs, that lead him into a noggin-first introduction to the hull of a hulking vessel. Goodnight, Mr. Holmes!

Luckily, here comes trusty Mr. Watson, played by Jude Law — but first, a word about the Frenchman. Kudos to any of you who recognized this giant among men. Robert Maillet, a Canadian pro wrestler, is best known for a turn as a freaky beast in "300," going fist-to-sword with Gerard Butler. In "Holmes," Maillet gets to show his face a bit more, though, through some deft makeup effects, that face sports a severe burn that only augments his character's "I will seriously mess you up" stare.

But back to the action. The Frenchman decides to crush Holmes by running him over with the enormous ship, because, A) this is a Guy Ritchie film, and B) a simpler attempt at murder would just be boring. Watson, your little handgun is not going to help matters. Watch as the ocean liner bursts forth from its mooring, sending wooden shards and wrought iron flying.

The mustachioed Watson looks stricken as his best buddy seems to have been pancaked by the ship, until Holmes sits up with the makings of a headache that no amount of Tylenol could cure (they had Tylenol in 19th-century England, right?). Watson springs into action as an iron spool hurtles forward, jumping toward his friend just in time to save him from this latest near-death blow.

Down goes the ship into the Thames River, and here comes a beauty from Sherlock: "Watson, what have you done?"

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