Kris Allen Explains Why Justin Bieber Punched Him

Nope, there's no beef between the 'American Idol' winner and the pint-size 15-year-old.

After playing a radio show with [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] on December 2, "American Idol" winner [artist id="1941279"]Kris Allen[/artist] took to his Twitter to reveal that the pint-size teen had punched him.

"What if @justinbieber punched you? What would you do?" he asked, seeking advice from his followers on how to handle the situation. In the weeks that followed, nothing more was said of the incident, but many of Allen's fans were left wondering what really went down. Was there some kind of pop-star beef going on behind the scenes?

Actually, Allen explained to MTV News, Bieber had just given him a good-natured jab. "I think we were about to go on [stage] or something like that, and he walks by me, this little guy, and he's like, 'Pow!' " he told us backstage at Jingle Ball in New York, where the two again shared the bill. "And I was like, 'What the heck?' And he said, 'Kill it, man.' "

But the 15-year-old is actually a bit stronger than he looks. "It was a nice punch. It hurt though!" Allen joked. "He's this big and he can punch pretty hard."

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