Nick Jonas On Miley Cyrus Guest Spot On 'JONAS': 'We'll See'

'We'll see what happens,' he says of 'Hannah Montana' crossover.

Early next year, the [artist id="2088128"]Jonas Brothers[/artist] will begin to film the second season of their Disney TV show, "JONAS." And, considering they share a network, will "Hannah Montana" star [artist id="2408193"]Miley Cyrus[/artist] stop by the set to hang with the brothers? Anything is possible.

Nick joked that the guys may need to step up their game before that happens. "I don't know — we'll see. They do a lot of the crossovers," he told MTV News. "Our two shows are shot a little differently ... so they could, and we'll see what happens. Right now we're just trying to get our acting together before we have guests."

Until Miley books herself a guest spot on the show, Nick did say that there will be some changes on the series. "There's a lot of new changes, a lot of exciting things. I think for my brothers and I and the rest of the cast, we've all [said we want it to be] the best it can be," he added. "Really giving it our all. We've grown as actors. Hopefully we can bring the fun and a better show to the fans."

Fans are also anxiously awaiting "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam," in which both Joe and Nick find onscreen love. So, who does Nick think makes the better movie boyfriend? "That's a funny question," he laughed. "I don't know. I think that Joe and Demi [Lovato's] chemistry onscreen is great ... it's a great story they have. I don't know how to judge myself when it comes to that. I'll just have to let people decide for themselves what they think."