Rivers Cuomo Leaves Hospital, Heading Home

A week after tour-bus crash, Weezer singer boards a bus to go home to Los Angeles.

A week after a terrifying bus crash that sent him to the hospital with three cracked ribs, a spleen injury and a small lung puncture, [artist id="440"]Weezer[/artist] singer [artist id="1366654"]Rivers Cuomo[/artist] took a 48-hour journey from Albany, New York, to his home in Los Angeles on Friday.

Cuomo, who was given his walking papers on Friday morning, is unable to fly due to the injury to his lung, so after dropping his wife, daughter and nanny off at JFK Airport in New York, longtime friend and official Weezer.com blogger Karl Koch said they hit the road.

"The time has come for freedom!" he wrote on the site. "After walking with and without a cane and getting some good hematocrit blood test results on Thursday, Rivers was given the go ahead to be released from the hospital! He elected to take an additional night to rest there, while we prepared a bus for the cross country trip to L.A., to begin today, Friday."

Explaining the decision to board a bus so soon after the previous week's accident, Koch said that Cuomo is under strict doctor's orders not to fly for a month because of the possible damage changes in air pressure could cause to his punctured lung. "So there's only one other quick way to get him home to L.A., and that's a tour bus," said Koch, who rode with Cuomo along with two drivers, who switched off behind the wheel to make the trip go faster.

Though at press time Koch had not blogged about whether they'd arrived in Los Angeles on Sunday as scheduled, he said the pair planned to take a Southern route to avoid bad weather and to tuck into seasons one and two of "Mad Men" on the way to pass the time.

The first post featured a picture of a relaxed-looking Cuomo in his hospital room. He was dressed in a black sweat suit and brown slippers, sitting near an open laptop computer and playing an acoustic guitar — which was lent to him by one of his doctors — surrounded by flowers and a copy of the year-end issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

By Saturday afternoon, when he was pictured in the same outfit at a truck stop, the bus had already steamed through Texas, with an expected midday Sunday arrival in Los Angeles.

"The journey has been pretty much non-stop so far except for when we stop at truck stops to re-fuel and switch up drivers," Koch said. "The time has gone by fast, taken up by a healthy schedule full of knitting, 'Mad Men' DVDs, meditation, medication, naps, Amy's Organic frozen entrees, ice cream sandwiches, measuring lung power with the Airlife exhale-o-meter device, book reading (Ray Charles' autobiography 'Ray' and 'Appetite For Self-Destruction,' a book about the state of the music industry), writing thank you e-mails (thank you to everyone by the way for your kind words of support!), and doing computer work, planning, researching and etc."

Koch also said that although nothing is official, after canceling their December dates due to Cuomo's injuries, it looks like some of the group's January shows might have to be rescheduled as well.