Susan Boyle Says Her 'Life Hasn't Changed' With Success

'It's just a little more interesting now,' the chart-topping singer says.

[artist id="3180740"]Susan Boyle[/artist] has had an interesting 2009. But despite being an Internet sensation and dominating the charts with her debut album, I Dreamed a Dream, the 48-year-old Scot says she is still the same person she was before she appeared on this year's "Britain's Got Talent."

Susan Boyle Performs On German TV

"I still have my former life. I still live in the same house," she told People. "My life hasn't changed. I travel more. I see places I never thought I would see. There is nothing I miss, because I have everything I had before — it's just a little more interesting now."

Boyle did admit to enjoying many perks these days, like meeting Donny Osmond, for example. "I met Donny Osmond. He was very nice. We talked about how important it was to stay grounded," she said. "He bought me some purple roses, and they were very beautiful."

Boyle is no doubt seeing a bit more cash flow since becoming an international star, and she has been using some of her earnings to redecorating her house. "I have bought a few things for my house — a red couch and some cushions," she told the magazine. "It's important to keep your house looking nice, and it is great to be able to buy these things."

The one main constant in her life right now is her cat, Pebbles. "Pebbles is blissfully unaware of everything that is going on," Boyle said. "She lives with a very lovely lady while I am away working, and she is thriving. I visit her when I can, and I can travel knowing that she is in safe hands and being pampered."