Eminem? Britney? Taylor Swift? Readers Weigh In On The Best Song Of 2009

You react to the latest Bigger Than the Sound.

On Wednesday, MTV News published my annual "Best Songs of the Year" column, where I picked my favorite tunes of the past 12 months. And, just like in previous years, most of you seemed to disagree with those picks.

We got tons of comments from readers, the overwhelming majority of which seemed to fall into one of two categories: "Where's [artist id="501686"]Britney[/artist]?" Or "Where's [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist]?" See, neither Ms. Spears nor Mr. Mathers made my list, omissions that were attributed to everything from bribery to a massive, inter-corporate conspiracy designed to keep either artist down (while subsequently propping up [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z [/artist]or [artist id="2408193"]Miley[/artist] or [artist id="3061469"]Gaga[/artist]). Of course, we also got plenty of other comments too, everything from "You should be fired" to my personal favorite, "I haven't heard of half these artists before."

But it wasn't all nasty — we had readers posting lists of their favorite songs of the year, and even the occasional "Good job," too (thanks Mom!). In fact, the response was so overwhelming that I've decided to re-publish some of the best comments here. If you're up for a bit of a debate, read on — and if you want to have your voice heard, do it in the comments below.

So, without further ado, here are your picks, reactions, threats and suggestions for the Best Songs of 2009.

"Jay-Z's 'D.O.A.' was the best song this year! Hands Down! PERIOD!!! The impact that song had on the industry the day Jay dropped it was mind-blowing." - Asonye88

"I couldn't disagree more with this list. Once again MTV riding the coat tails of non talent. Song of the year goes to Eminem for 'Beautiful.' ... There is nothing special about 'D.O.A.,' he is just saying what everybody else was thinking: Auto-Tune please go away." - NAPTOWN NUISANCE

"I think 'D.O.A.' was a pretty dope song because when he dropped it people listened, whether you like the lyrical content or not. He had everyone buzzing the whole time and it set the tone (no pun intended) for his album and I agree with it being number one. I'm surprised Eminem didn't make the list just cause it was his return with 'We Made You,' or Drake with 'Successful' and 'Best I Ever Had.' " - Whozdat02

"Eminem is way better than Jay-Z! The only ones who deserve to be on that list are Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Shakira and Rihanna. There are too many missing on this list, I don't even know the half of them. Kelly Clarkson is the best on the list." - Sille

"Two Miley songs and not one Britney song? 'Circus' was an amazing song for her and 2009. WTF?" - Christopher

"Wow, your [sic] stupid. I haven't heard alot [sic] of these songs ... no Britney realy? [sic] '3' [was] one of the biggest songs of the year. MTV should fire you, also 'D.O.A?' Really? 'SHE WOLF?' Dear God!" - Brad


"What's the deal here? No Taylor Swift, but you have Smiley Cyrus? Taylor writes her own songs ... that should prerequisite. Maybe they don't like Country-Pop kittens. Maybe they are just narrow minded ... maybe they are just paid plants?" - Nashviller

"I love how [the list] has songs that weren't really on the radio that were still amazing! (Matt & Kim and Franz Ferdinand.)" - BSwimr127

"THANK YOU! For one thing: Paramore's 'All I Wanted.' I've been waiting for someone to discover the same thing I did. The song is amazing, no matter what number on the list. You can hear the emotion in Hayley's voice. The song is a triumph, no matter how simple it is; she kills the song like no other. Brand New Eyes is a great album." - Will.24

"Mastodon FTW!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see someone at MTV is paying attention to perhaps the most important metal band this decade." - ConcertConfessions.com

"'D.O.A.' = biggest waste of the hottest hip-hop beat of the year, of maybe the past 5 years. 'My Girls' DEFINITELY should have been #1. 'Empire State of Mind' should have been #2. Passion Pit, The Dream, and Drake certainly deserve placement on the list... right?" - YoPrince

"Now, I know Jay-Z had a good year, but 'D.O.A.' being #1, I'm not so sure about that choice. I appreciate you not putting Taylor Swift in this list. Also, I think it would have been better if you put 'Paparazzi,' 'LoveGame,' or 'Poker Face' by Lady Gaga, instead of 'Bad Romance.' Now a lot of these songs were great, and I respect your decisions. ... They all did have a special part in 2009, though. Good Job!!!" - Mr. Womanizer

"While there are a few choices I completely dislike (Jay-Z, Rihanna), I do agree with a lot of them (especially the Kelly Clarkson and Lily Allen choices). I really loved the commentary for each track, which kinda made me want to check out the ones I'm haven't heard yet. As for a few of my 'Best songs of 2009' that weren't mentioned: Blake Lewis' title track to his 2nd album, Heartbreak On Vinyl (with a nod to old record shops), Amerie's 'Why R U' (easily the best single to come from her in recent years), Janet Jackson's "Make Me' (love seeing her embrace her dance-fans), Pete Yorn/Scarlett Johansson's "Relator" (if you haven't heard this fun little ditty, you're missing out!), and finally, Mandy Moore's 'I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week' (other than having one of the longest song titles this year, she found a balance between folk, country and pop all in one song)." - Coolinout1

Who makes your Best Songs of 2009 list? Weigh in below!