Chris Brown Explains Story Behind 'Famous Girl' ... Sort Of

Singer is evasive: Song explains 'how I felt and how I feel about certain situations.'

While Chris Brown has been reluctant to talk in detail about what triggered his assault against Rihanna, a song from his recently released Graffiti album called "Famous Girl," has many wondering if he's saying more about their relationship and its problems in the song than he's said in recent interviews.

"Since I thought I found my woman/ There were other guys who thought the same thing about it/ Like damn, you let me down, down, down/ 'Cause you're famous, girl, for breaking hearts," he sings on the track.

So who, exactly, is this famous girl Brown is referring to? Is it Rihanna? Brown declined to specify.

" 'Famous Girl' is what it is," he told MTV News on Tuesday. "I mean, it really doesn't need any explanation. I think what

'Famous Girl' does is just explain how I felt and how I feel about certain situations. So if you want to know what it is, listen to it."

In the Ryan Leslie-produced song, Brown refers to Rihanna's rumored romance with Drake ("While we're on Drake/ Say that you're the best he's ever had"), a romance Drake was quick to deny after rumors swirled last spring. He also seems to verify a report that he broke a car window during an argument with Rihanna (referencing Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows"), and also references Keri Hilson's "Knock You Down" ("Keri would've said my love knocks her down") among other songs mentioned in the lyrics.

Brown, for his part, may be enjoying the confusion over "Famous Girl."

"Watch the blogs talk about this one," he ad-libs during the song.