Nick Jonas Says Administration Debut Is 'A Real, Raw Rock Record'

'It was definitely different,' he says of recording without his brothers.

Nick Jonas is a pretty busy and ambitious 17-year-old. Being a part of an already successful band with his brothers, Kevin and Joe, wasn't enough for him — he went and started a side project with some of Prince's old bandmates and Jonas producer, Jon Fields, called Nick Jonas and the Administration.

On February 2, the band is set to release their debut album, Who I Am, and Nick, who named the band after his "fascination with the president," told us that writing for the solo jaunt wasn't as hard as you might think. "It would have been difficult if I [were] trying too hard. ... These were just pouring out of me, and it wasn't like, 'I've gotta write these songs for this project.' It just happened," he explained to MTV News. "It was an easier process. It ended up being a fun, cool challenge."

While he was writing the 10 tracks that would make the final cut for the Administration album, he knew they weren't destined to be the next Jonas Brothers LP, so he headed into the studio to record them without his brothers by his side. He's quite excited by the magic that took place in those eight days in a Nashville recording studio.

"It was definitely different, I think — starting to write the record I realized stylistically these songs were different than the Jonas Brothers sound," he explained. "And I met with our producer, John Fields, and I said, 'Look I got all these songs that I'm writing and I think it would be cool to go and make a side project.' "

Nick describes the result as "a real, raw rock record," adding, "It's kind of hard to believe it's all happening now."