Timbaland Teams With Dr. Dre To Introduce Detroit MC Hayes

'Me and Dre both think he's a crazy artist,' Tim tells Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Several months ago during Miami Week, we introduced you to a cat named Billy Blue, who Timbaland and Akon are backing. Well, Tim is teaming up with a music heavyweight to bring you another newcomer. It doesn't get any bigger than this: Timbaland and fellow super-producer Dr. Dre are joining forces on an upcoming project.

"I got two hip-hop artists, believe it or not," Tim said Monday, running down what's coming up for him besides his just-released Timbaland Presents: Shock Value II. "One is this guy me and Akon signed, Billy Blue. The other one, I think people gonna wanna know about. Me and Dre just signed him, this guy named Hayes from Detroit. Incredible storyteller. Incredible. Reminds me of how B.I.G. tells his stories."

Timbo the King explained that Hayes has been around for a while and no one brought him to the table.

"He kind of was around the table," Tim said. "He wrote some of Dre's Detox — if Dre ever is gonna do it — but he wrote a lot of that for Dre. He's just been around the camp. I knew him from my homeboy, so he's been around both camps. Me and Dre both think he's a crazy artist. So we said, 'Let's do him together.' "

Other artists on Tim's lineup for 2010 include Brandy, a.k.a. Bran' Nu. Tim envisions half her album being rap, half being her traditional R&B. Then there's Soshy, who appears on Shock Value's II's "Morning After Dark."

"She's from Paris," the Virginia native explained. "She's like Amy Winehouse to the 10th power. But not crazy. Sane. Not saying Amy Winehouse is crazy; she's ambitious. Soshy is ambitious, but she has a point to prove."

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