Chris Brown Says Graffiti Has Gotten A 'Great Response' From Fans

He also brushed off Rolling Stone's mediocre review: 'I didn't get the way they looked at my album.'

Chris Brown had his day in court when he pleaded guilty for his assault on Rihanna earlier this year. But with the Tuesday (December 8) release of Graffiti — his first project since the February assault — finds the singer facing a different kind of judgment.

So far, though, Brown said the feedback he's gotten from the public has been praiseworthy for his album, the third of his career.

"My fans [have] given me a great response on the album," Brown told MTV News. "They actually said they love it. They tell me what songs they love. Like 99 percent of the comments are all positive about the album."

Reviews for Brown's album have mostly been generous, although many reviewers have put the music in the context of the assault. Rolling Stone magazine did a double review of Brown's album alongside Rihanna's latest. The review noted that, unfair as it may be, it's difficult to listen to Brown's music without recalling his violent actions.

"The Rihanna incident has made it impossible to hear him in the same way," the review read. "The sweetness that animated songs like 2008's 'Forever' is now a hard sell."

Brown took umbrage with the review, in which he received 2.5 out of five stars, taking to his Twitter account to respond to the magazine. "rolling stone mag... r u serious?" he wrote. "we will see. album 12-8-09."

"I didn't get the way they looked at my album," he explained to MTV News. "I just felt like there was a little bit of hate because of the situation and not because of the music. But we're gonna keep it moving."