Nick Jonas Says His Brothers Are 'Supportive' Of Solo Side Project

'They want to give me my time to do my thing out on the road,' he tells MTV News of upcoming Administration tour.

Nick Jonas took the stage without Kevin and Joe on December 1 at the Grammy nominations concert. It was the first time [artist id="2088128"]Jonas Brothers[/artist] fans had seen him perform without his superstar siblings by his side. But there's no sibling rivalry here: He has the full support of his bros as he embarks on his side project, Nick Jonas and the Administration.

"They said they really enjoyed watching me perform from that perspective, which was really cool to hear," said Nick, who will release his LP with the Administration, Who I Am, on February 2.

Not only did he receive rave reviews from his brothers, but he has also heard good things from his fans, who are equally supportive of the solo jaunt. "[My brothers] were so supportive, and they said it was awesome," he told MTV News. "And they said people in the audience reacted really well, and they heard some great things. And so that was really encouraging."

Jonas will hit the road with his side project in January, and his big brothers are going to let him have the spotlight. "As far as them coming to shows, I think they definitely will. They've already talked about coming to the Wiltern [in Los Angeles] and the Beacon [in New York]," he said. "They also want to give me my time to do my thing out on the road, but they're going to be there supporting me as well."