Mark Wahlberg Loved Shooting Derek Jeter For 'The Other Guys'

Actor says fellow Red Sox fans will 'cheer like crazy' when they see the scene next August.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — It's a scene that could make Red Sox fans cheer, Yankees supporters shudder in fear and other moviegoers laugh. Oscar-nominated actor-turned-funnyman [movieperson id="166010"]Mark Wahlberg[/movieperson] can't wait for the world to see him gunning down Derek Jeter.

"It's phenomenal," Wahlberg told us recently of his comedic turn alongside Will Ferrell in "The Other Guys," a currently filming flick about two boneheaded cops. "They wrote me the sickest role ever; I just get to go bananas on everybody."

Directed by "Anchorman" mastermind Adam McKay, the flick features appearances by everyone from Dwayne Johnson to Samuel L. Jackson to Paris Hilton and Michael Keaton. But a recently leaked photo revealed the cameo by the New York Yankees shortstop on what Wahlberg called one of his favorite days ever on a set.

"What happens is I make a very big mistake early on," the Dorchester, Massachusetts, native revealed of his scene with Jeter. "I'm so amped up about getting into the action and being able to use my gun — I'm being groomed as a homicide cop, but I have to do details like most cops do — and they put me in Yankee Stadium for game seven of the World Series. I'm looking for [suspicious characters], and this guy comes running out of the tunnel with a baseball bat."

"I'm like, 'Holy sh--! This is a restricted area, and this guy's got a dangerous weapon!' So I draw my weapon, and I'm telling this guy to stop. He keeps running at me, so I shoot," Wahlberg grinned. "It turns out to be Derek Jeter, who has an iPod on, who's running to go out for batting practice. So, obviously the whole city hates me. They send me to the DA's office and they put me with Will Ferrell, who plays my partner. I do everything I can to get back out onto the street, but I have to drag his accountant ass around with me."

The actor — who can be seen later this month in Peter Jackson's "The Lovely Bones" — also mentioned that Jeter reappears near the end of the film to tie up his plotline. A die-hard Red Sox fan, Wahlberg said he had a tough few days of work because he was staying at the same hotel as the Bronx Bombers during their recent World Series win. As he went out to the set, he'd see Alex Rodriguez come home after a night of celebrating. The shooting, however, made up for it.

"It was a lot of fun," Wahlberg said of being able to gun down the Yankees captain. "I actually kicked him around on the ground a couple times after I shot him.

"Like, when I go up while he's on the ground, I go, like, 'What are you doing?' and he goes, 'You shot me!' I say, 'You're running around with a baseball bat, what do you think this is?' and he goes, 'I'm a baseball player! I'm Derek Jeter!' " Wahlberg said, recalling the scene's dialogue. "Then I go, 'Listen, you could pass for [Hideki] Matsui, but not Derek Jeter!' "

In the real world, the Yanks currently possess the World Series trophy; but when "The Other Guys" hits theaters next August, Wahlberg teased that Red Sox fans will cheer at the sight of their archenemy's shortstop in pain — even if it is just acting.

"I can't wait to see the movie; I usually do a premiere for every film that I do in Boston for my foundation, an organization to raise money for inner-city kids," the actor explained. "And [when they see me shoot Jeter], people are going to cheer like crazy."

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