Clint Eastwood Talks Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift

'You listen to things because the kids are listening to them,' the 'Invictus' director tells MTV News.

Clint Eastwood is quite possibly the most badass man in movie history. From "Dirty Harry" to "The Man With No Name" to last year's "Gran Torino," his steely glare, clenched teeth and no-nonsense style have made lesser men soil their pants in fear.

But that doesn't mean the guy can't rock out to Lady Gaga every once in a while.

"Oh, yeah, now you're getting really exciting," the 79-year-old living legend responded when we asked which hot acts he's into. "I know [Gaga] is very big. I know she's very important, and my kids have listened to her too."

In addition to giving birth to nearly a hundred movies, Eastwood has three children (including a 12-year-old) and two grandchildren (including a 15-year-old). And, according to the actor/director, they help keep him young.

"Taylor Swift? I kind of like her," he revealed to MTV News. "I have [listened to her music]; I was listening to some the other day. And I think I like her."

In town to promote "Invictus," the most recent awards-season contender in an arsenal that has included instant classics like "Million Dollar Baby," "Mystic River" and "Letters From Iwo Jima," the late-in-life Oscar-winning filmmaker said it's important to him to stay relevant with the nation's youth.

"I'd be pretty embarrassed if I'm going, 'Taylor who?' " he said. "Sometimes you listen to pop radio, just to see what's going on. You don't necessarily have to embrace it, but you want to know what's going on, so when you mention Taylor Swift, at least I can say, 'Yeah, I know who she is.' "

For the time being, Gaga and Taylor will likely get a thrill out of knowing that their music has hit the eardrums of a Hollywood legend. But, as he was quick to point out with his trademark gruff attitude, today's chart-toppers will never replace Eastwood's beloved Charlie Parker.

"I didn't switch off of a jazz station to hear it," the "Bird" director said. "But you listen to things because the kids are listening to them."

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