50 Cent Wants To Work With Susan Boyle: 'We'd Make A Hit'

'Susan Boyle is hot right now,' Fif tells England's Daily Mirror of the "Britain's Got Talent" runner-up.

Generally, when someone breaks out of the box and becomes a chart champion, [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] has looked for a way to start beef with that person and grab headlines for himself. But the rapper appears to have no interest in going toe-to-toe with I Dreamed a Dream juggernaut Susan Boyle, so instead he reportedly told England's Daily Mirror that he wants to hook up with the "Britain's Got Talent" runner-up and make some magic.

"[artist id="3180740"]Susan Boyle[/artist] is hot right now," 50 told the paper's gossip column, "3am," about the Scottish singer, whose debut has already sold more than 3.3 million copies in its first two weeks. It is on its way to setting records for a solo female debut in the U.S. and snatching the first-week sales crown from Fif's consigliere, Eminem.

"I got to get her on a track, for real. We'd make a hit," added the rapper, who has caused head-scratching in the past by palling around with kitschy cabaret superstar Bette Midler. "Everyone is talking about her. ... She's got an amazing voice, and together we'd get everyone dancing. I'm always looking to do something new, and she's cool, so I'll ask somebody to let her know," said 50, who returned to his grittier, street-anthem roots on the just-released Before I Self-Destruct, which fell to #19 during its second week while Boyle notched a massive 701,000-copy debut.

"I'd love to take her clubbing, show her around my world," he said of the shy church volunteer, who has struggled at times with her sudden worldwide fame and who covers the Monkees and "Silent Night" on her debut album. "She'd have a great time."