Mark Wahlberg Says An 'Entourage' Film Could Go In 'Many Directions'

'We'd like to follow in the 'Sex and the City' footsteps and do a movie,' says the HBO show's executive producer.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Not too long ago, the gals from "Sex and the City" surprised Hollywood with their massively successful debut on the big screen, opening the eyes of studio execs to the possibilities of life after TV. Now, Mark Wahlberg is mapping out a blueprint that will similarly take the "Entourage" gang to a theater near you — and will impact the show's final episodes.

Recently, Wahlberg raised eyebrows when he said that if packs of women went out and made "Sex and the City: The Movie" a hit, he thought men would do the same for his show about a pack of dudes who laugh, love and make a living in Los Angeles. The HBO hit is currently in its sixth season and Wahlberg — who executive produces and has lent more than a few of his own life experiences as a movie star to the show's plotlines — told us that after "a couple more seasons," the show's final episode will leave open some story lines that could set up a feature film.

"I can't tell you [which story lines we'd leave unresolved]," Wahlberg said. "I'm sworn to secrecy."

Asked if he does intend to push for a movie, Wahlberg said, "Quite possibly, yes. We still have a couple more seasons to do, but yeah. We'd like to follow in the 'Sex and the City' footsteps and do a movie."

That's great news for fans of fictional movie star Vincent Chase and his group of boys, including Drama, E and Turtle. In July, the show was renewed for a seventh season that will premiere in 2010, and rumor has it that there will likely be one more after that. One advantage the show has over "Sex and the City" is that its Hollywood plotlines and glimpsed "movies" like "Aquaman" and "Medellin" would seem to make it well-suited for the big screen. In fact, Wahlberg argued that a two-hour movie would resolve a lot of complaints people have had over the years about his 30-minute show.

"People have always complained that the episodes are too short," he said. "And that the seasons aren't long enough, and they want more."

So for now, "Entourage" fans can look forward to seeing Wahlberg in films like this month's "The Lovely Bones" and, most likely, two more seasons of "Entourage" on HBO. Beyond that, don't be surprised if Vinnie's plotlines start teasing his own move into something, well, bigger.

"There are so many different directions to go," Wahlberg said.

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