Did Eminem's Lyric About Adam Lambert Go Too Far? Fans Weigh In

Fan reactions to 'Elevator' span from 'it's very wrong' to 'it's just lyrics.'

Last Thursday, a pair of brand-new Eminem songs hit the Net, one of which, "Elevator," contains a lyric directed at Adam Lambert, Lance Bass and Clay Aiken that may be using an anti-gay slur.

"Sorry, Lance, Mr. Lambert and Aiken ain't gonna make it/ They get so mad, when I call them both fake/ It's all these f---ing voices in my head, I can't take it/ Someone shut that f---ing baby up, before I shake it," he raps on the tune — with the "Fake/ It's" combination sounding a lot like a common anti-gay slur.

This isn't new ground for Slim Shady, who has come under fire from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which cited his use of anti-gay slurs on earlier tracks like "Criminal" and "Kill You." But what do the fans think? MTV News hit the streets to find out.

"I mean, what else can you expect from Eminem?" said Matt Ray of Denver. "It could be real offensive to some people, but it's just lyrics."

Rachel DiMasi admitted that she likes Eminem, but wished that he had picked a different target. "I think that it's very wrong," she said. "I love Adam Lambert and I think he's a great artist."

New Yorker Claire Henry doesn't like Eminem using the word, but doesn't think it's actually malicious. "He's just saying it to be offensive, to get a rise out of people. I don't think he really means it. I don't think he's actually homophobic."

Her friend Blair Gershenson didn't see it the same way. "I don't really like the lyrics at all," she told MTV News. "I don't think Eminem deserves a pass just because he's famous. I think that he shouldn't be saying these things and he should really understand who is out there and who is listening and the things that happen because of what he says."