Jason Derulo Promises 'High-Energy' Opening Set For Lady Gaga Tour

'There's a lot of dancing,' he tells MTV News.

[artist id="2973647"]Jason Derülo[/artist] only has a few weeks to put the finishing touches on his opening set for Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour. The [article id="1624310"]"Whatcha Say" singer has been tapped[/article] to join the tour starting December 28, and he still hasn't talked to Gaga — who is currently on the road with Semi-Precious Weapons and Kid Cudi — to plan what his part of the show will look like.

"Oh, not yet, man! Not yet. We just both have crazy schedules," he told MTV News at [article id="1627719"]KIIS-FM's Jingle Ball[/article] on Saturday in Los Angeles when asked if he's talked to Gaga. "My schedule is so crazy that I had Thanksgiving in Ruby Tuesday's!"

He did say the show would be high-intensity and involve plenty of fancy footwork. "My stage show is really high-energy," he said. "There's a lot of dancing. I've been dancing my entire life. A lot of people don't know how well I dance, because I didn't dance much in the 'Whatcha Say' video, just a little flavor-ish. The 'In My Head' video, I'm definitely going to pull out lots of stuff on that one."

With "Whatcha Say" being such a big hit for the singer, who is set to drop his debut album in early 2010, he's already looking forward to releasing his next single. " 'In My Head' is gonna introduce Jason Derülo a little bit more," he explained. "I'm really excited for people to kind of understand that I really am a music lover and pull from a lot of genres. I'm just a music lover, so that's going to be the product of my album. 'In My Head' has rock guitars, rock drums. It's just really, really exciting."