Leighton Meester Says Album Will Drop In Early 2010

'I'm still writing,' 'Gossip Girl' star reveals.

While Leighton Meester's "Somebody to Love" single and its Robin Thicke-starring music video have been in heavy rotation, the "Gossip Girl" star isn't quite ready to drop her debut album.

"You know, it's weird — I'm still writing. I'm about to start a movie that's all about country music, so I'm definitely trying to keep them separated 'cause I really am starting to grasp a hold of that and I really love it," she told MTV News at KIIS-FM's Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles over the weekend, adding that she expects her long-simmering LP to drop in early 2010.

"I'm thinking maybe sometime in February or March just so that I have a really good time doing the movie and finishing up 'Gossip Girl,' " she said. "And then I'll have a little bit of time to tour and really get into it and do a live show."

Meester, who recently worked with Lil Wayne on the track "Make It Rain," reveals that there's one song on the album for all those too-cool-for-school kids out there in the world.

"There's one called 'You're Not as Cool as You Think You Are,' " she said. "It's pretty much about anybody who thinks that the song isn't about them, you know? And it's really funny and it's cute. It's really poppy — it's kind of like Katy Perry meets, like, Regina Spektor. It's really cool production and very sassy."